Kimberley Cruise Destination Highlights

The Kimberley region in Western Australia covers a massive land area, and has an equally impressive length of coastline and navigable waters.

It’s along this unique coastline that we offer our very affordable Kimberley cruises for small groups of up to 8 guests.

Kimberley Cruise Destinations

After leaving your departure point at Cygnet Bay, our 7 day Kimberley cruise will take you on an adventure to the following stunning Kimberley locations:

Silica Beach

The 150 m long Silica beach is composed of pure white silica sand, the only such beach on the entire Kimberley coast. A perfect remote paradise to stop over for a dip and a relaxing rest.

Whirlpool Passage

A scenic 3 mile ‘S’ bend passage that divides the chambers and hidden Islands in the Buccaneer Archipelago. Known for large metre deep whirlpools and areas where the tidal flows in excess of 10 knots.

Croc Creek

Located in Yampi Sound behind sandstone walls, the freshwater swimming spot is ideal for wasting some time relaxing at.

Dugong Bay

Dugong Bay is one of the most spectacular parts of the Kimberley coast. Enjoy exploring the area with red cliffs and remnant rainforest or simply swim in the secluded freshwater pools.

Talbot Bay

The Horizontal Falls are one of the most amazing natural features of the Kimberley region. The tidal waterfalls located deep within Talbot Bay, offers visitors a glimpse at how much water volume moves with each tide in the North. A fast boat ride through the falls is included in our cruise.

Secure Bay

Secure Bay is off the northeast coast of Western Australia. Secure Bay is in the Indian Ocean. A spot that is full of natural beauty, crocs and good fishing.

Eagle Point Creek & LeAd Line Creek

Enjoy seeing the small creeks that run into the ocean along the way. Home to lots of wildlife including crocodiles and barramundi.

Raft Point

Raft Point is a 188 m high bluff into Doubtful Bay’s entrance. Climb to the top of the rock to view the outdoor Aboriginal art gallery.

Ruby Falls

A nice place to stop and stretch and explore the natural environment, once you have climbed to the top, enjoy a short walk to Ruby Falls and cool off.

Sale River

Sale River runs into Doubtful Bay and was discovered and named on 9 June 1865. The river is a great spot to take some photos or spot a crocodile.

Montgomery Reef

The Montgomery Reef is a biologically diverse coral reef covering some 300 square kilometres. The marine park reef is exposed at low tide like a cascading waterfall. There’s abundant wildlife to take photos of while visiting.